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Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a complimentary service that provides your employees and their immediate family members personalized assistance in finding physicians and services, and coordinating appointments across North Alabama.

Our Care Coordination specialist can help your employees and their immediate family members:

  • Find a new physician and schedule an appointment
  • Explore preventative screening options
  • Find imaging, therapies, labs, medical specialists and more
  • Connect to Huntsville Hospital exercise and fitness centers

For assistance call (256) 817-9999 or email

When searching for a new OBGYN, I reached out to Huntsville Hospital Corporate Care. The Care Coordination specialist was able to assist me by giving me three different clinic options and names of doctors within each clinic. This gave me the opportunity to seek out a doctor that fits my needs, as well as the use of a hospital that fits my growing family’s needs. I also received a wonderful and unexpected phone call confirming whether I was able to find someone to assist me in my medical needs. Thank you, Huntsville Hospital Corporate Care, for being there and getting me into a doctor. I was able to get into an OBGYN the very next day after I made the call! Scale of 1-10, a 10!
– Laura W., Huntsville, AL
My wife and I just moved to the Huntsville area from Birmingham. We were recently in a bind as her previous doctor stopped seeing patients via video appointment. I spent almost an entire day calling places just to find an available appointment – most numbers would just ring. When I got in touch with your Care Coordination specialist, she was an absolute God-send. She was able to connect me with a local Huntsville Hospital Health System clinic where I was able to establish care for my wife. She even got back in touch with me after the fact to make sure we were set. I am just blown away by your team’s commitment to helping us find a doctor and your genuine level of care.
– Clay C., Huntsville, AL